Psalm 27

Chant Psalm 27

1 The LORD is my LIGHT and my salVATION;
The LORD is the STRENGTH of my LIFE;
of WHOM then shall I be aFRAID?

2 When EVILdoers came upON me to eat up my FLESH,
it was THEY, my adversaries and FOES, who stumbled and FELL.
3 Though an ARMy should encamp aGAINST me, yet my heart shall not be aFRAID;
4 And though WAR should rise up aGAINST me, yet will I put my trust in HIM.

5 ONE thing have I asked of the LORD; one thing I SEEK;
that I may DWELL in the house of the LORD all the days of my LIFE;
6 To beHOLD the fair BEAUty of the LORD
and to SEEK Him IN His TEMple.

7 FOR in the day of TROUble He shall keep me safe in His SHELter;
He shall HIDE me in the secrecy of His DWELLing and set me high upon a ROCK.
8 Even NOW He LIFTS up my HEAD
aBOVE my ENemies round aBOUT me.

9 THEREfore I will offer in His DWELLing an oblation with sounds of great GLADness;
I will SING and make MUSic to the LORD.
10 HEARKen to my VOICE, O Lord, when I CALL;
have MERcy on ME and ANswer me.

11 You SPEAK in my HEART and say, “Seek My FACE.”
12 HIDE not Your FACE from ME,
nor TURN away Your SERant in disPLEASsure.

13 YOU have been my HELPer; cast me not aWAY;
do not forSAKE me, O GOD of my salVATION.
14 Though my FATHER and my MOTHER forSAKE me,
the LORD WILL susTAIN me.

15 SHOW me Your WAY, O LORD;
lead me on a level PATH, beCAUSE of my ENemies.
16 DeLIVER me not into the HAND of my ADversaries,
for false WITnesses have risen up aGAINST me, and also those who speak MALICE.

17 WHAT if I had not beLIEVED that I should SEE
the GOODness of the LORD in the land of the LIVING!
18 O TARRY and aWAIT the Lord’s PLEASure;
be STRONG, and He shall comfort your HEART; wait patiently for the LORD.