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  • Psalm Sing, April 2023

    Warren Center Community Center
    with Michael Owens

    Blest Is Everyone, Psalm 128
    Hear Me All You People Here – Psalm 49
    O How Long Lord – Psalm 13
  • Obituary: Stephen Jones

    Stephen Clement Jones was born to James Russell and Ada Clement Jones on August 27, 1938 in Abington, PA. He is survived by his beloved wife of more than 34 years, Mitzi Taylor Jones; his sister Judith (Robert) Buhner, and brother Daniel Jones; his children Michael (Mary) Jones, Sarah (Jon) Widercrantz, Zachary (Sarah) Jones; and his step-children Tony, Brett, and Vanessa Budetti, Tristan Evans, and Amanda Jones VanNederynen, as well as many nieces, nephews, and grandchildren.

    Stephen lived a varied life: some knew him as “professor” at Cornell University or TC3; some knew him as “handyman”.  After coming to know Jesus through much wrestling which can be read about in his semi-fictional autobiography A FAREWELL TO MYSELF, he became a member of Baptized Church of Jesus Christ in 1985.  He had the call to Pastor and began the Refuge Temple of Jesus Christ in 1992 where he and Mitzi had soup kitchen and church ministry in Ithaca. As families came in,  the name and teachings changed to Reformed Community Church of Ithaca in 2006, and, later to Christ Church Ithaca in 2012. He was much beloved by families and children!

    He was a gifted teacher in all of these roles, his resonant voice and humor made it easy to follow his thoughts. Other roles we remember include musician, poet, wood sculptor, street evangelist, and comforter. As grandson Mark says, “He was a great man! Guided me through a lot of challenges and showed everyone how to truly love as Christ loves us.” At Beechtree Nursing Home, where he spent his last years, he will be remembered by his many friends for his smiles, jokes, and the compliments he gave freely.

  • Summer 2022 Gallery

  • Poiema OBX 2022

    Some of our Young Adults joined the Poiema OBX 2022 retreat Aug 1-5,

  • Psalm 95

    Chant Psalm 95

    1 COME, let us SING to the LORD;
    Let us SHOUT for joy to the ROCK of our salVATION.
    2 Let us COME before His PREsence with thanksGIVING
    And RAISE a loud SHOUT to Him with PSALMS.

    3 FOR the LORD is a great GOD,
    And a great KING aBOVE all GODS.
    4 In His HAND are the CAVerns of the EARTH,
    And the HEIGHTS of the HILLS are His ALSO.

    5 The SEA is HIS, for He MADE it,
    And His HANDS have MOLDED the dry LAND.
    6 Come, let us BOW down, and BEND the KNEE,
    And KNEEL before the LORD our MAKER.

    7 FOR He IS our GOD,
    And WE are the PEOple of His PASTure
    AND the SHEEP of His HAND.
    Oh, that toDAY you would HEARKen to His VOICE!

    8 Harden not your HEARTS, as your FOREbears did in the WILDerness,
    At MERibah, and on that day at MASsah, when they TEMPTed Me.
    9 They PUT Me TO the TEST,
    Though THEY had SEEN My WORKS.

    10 FORTY years long I deTESTed that generation and SAID,
    “This PEOple are WAYward in their HEARTS;
    They DO not KNOW My WAYS.”
    11 So I SWORE in My wrath, “They SHALL not enter into My REST.”

  • Psalm 27

    Chant Psalm 27

    1 The LORD is my LIGHT and my salVATION;
    The LORD is the STRENGTH of my LIFE;
    of WHOM then shall I be aFRAID?

    2 When EVILdoers came upON me to eat up my FLESH,
    it was THEY, my adversaries and FOES, who stumbled and FELL.
    3 Though an ARMy should encamp aGAINST me, yet my heart shall not be aFRAID;
    4 And though WAR should rise up aGAINST me, yet will I put my trust in HIM.

    5 ONE thing have I asked of the LORD; one thing I SEEK;
    that I may DWELL in the house of the LORD all the days of my LIFE;
    6 To beHOLD the fair BEAUty of the LORD
    and to SEEK Him IN His TEMple.

    7 FOR in the day of TROUble He shall keep me safe in His SHELter;
    He shall HIDE me in the secrecy of His DWELLing and set me high upon a ROCK.
    8 Even NOW He LIFTS up my HEAD
    aBOVE my ENemies round aBOUT me.

    9 THEREfore I will offer in His DWELLing an oblation with sounds of great GLADness;
    I will SING and make MUSic to the LORD.
    10 HEARKen to my VOICE, O Lord, when I CALL;
    have MERcy on ME and ANswer me.

    11 You SPEAK in my HEART and say, “Seek My FACE.”
    Your FACE, Lord, WILL I SEEK.
    12 HIDE not Your FACE from ME,
    nor TURN away Your SERant in disPLEASsure.

    13 YOU have been my HELPer; cast me not aWAY;
    do not forSAKE me, O GOD of my salVATION.
    14 Though my FATHER and my MOTHER forSAKE me,
    the LORD WILL susTAIN me.

    15 SHOW me Your WAY, O LORD;
    lead me on a level PATH, beCAUSE of my ENemies.
    16 DeLIVER me not into the HAND of my ADversaries,
    for false WITnesses have risen up aGAINST me, and also those who speak MALICE.

    17 WHAT if I had not beLIEVED that I should SEE
    the GOODness of the LORD in the land of the LIVING!
    18 O TARRY and aWAIT the Lord’s PLEASure;
    be STRONG, and He shall comfort your HEART; wait patiently for the LORD.

  • July 24, 2022 Psalm Sing

    Thanks to Michael Owens for leading us.

    Recording Part 5: #216 For Our Frame
    Recording Part 8: #337 In the Fish…

  • July 17, 2022 Worship and Fellowship in King Ferry

    Thank you to the Parseghians for hosting us on this beautiful day.

  • Psalm Sing Selections

    Here is a list of Psalms we learned/sang on May 15, 2022. Many thanks to Michael Owens for leading us.

    • 10 Psalm 5 Becker
    • 14 Psalm 6 NCG
    • 42 Psalm 18 NCG
    • 121 Psalm 54 ASTON
    • 137 Psalm 62 Becker
    • 141 Psalm 64 NORTHRIGHT
    • 184 Psalm 85 CALON LAN
    • 185 Psalm 86 BE JOYFUL
    • 191 Psalm 90 ST ANNE
    • 206 Psalm 99 Genevan
    • sheet Psalm 107 Madeira chant
    • 224 Psalm 107 GOSPEL LIBERTY
    • 237 Psalm 113 CUDDESDON
    • 245 Psalm 117 Erb
    • 253 Psalm 119 DANIEL
    • 286 Psalm 128 Kreider
    • sheet Psalm 136 EVER AND AYE
    • 316 Psalm 142 Soles
    • sheet To the Word

    Pictures to come!

  • Psalm Chanting & Family Worship as Training Royals

    Psalm Chanting & Family Worship as Training Royals, with Brian Moats

    from the Reformed Reset
    Take Hold Studios